Lectures and conferences (selected)

‘Thought beyond Research. On the Nature of Artistic Problems’ Deleuze and Artistic Research
(DARE. Keynote Speaker). Orpheus Institute, Ghent, November 2017.

‘Thought Beyond Research. Odilon Redon’s Artistic Problem’. Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory. Cardiff University. October 2017.

‘Thought, beyond Research. Critical implications of Deleuze’s concept of the Diagram for the notion of Artistic Research’.  Society for Artistic Research Annual Conference 2017. Helsinki, Finland. 28th-29th April, 2017

‘The Asignifying Figure in Cosme Tura’s paintings of St Maurelio’. New Treatments of the Figure. University of Bucharest. November 11-12, 2016
‘Painting the Figure. Figural and Figurative Regimes in Painting’ with Vlad Ionescu.

‘After Anachronism. Some remarks on the concept of time in Art History’. Department of Art History. University of St Andrews. 6th November 2016

‘Nomad Art: A New Perspective on ‘World Art’ Studies.’ International Deleuze in Asia Conference. Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. 17th-19th June 2016.

‘Unhistorical Art History’. ‘Newest Art History’. Wohin geht die jüngste Kunstgeschichte? Institut für Kunstgeschichte der Universität Wien, 6th-8th. November 2015

‘Diagrammatic Abstraction. Deleuze vs Buchloh’. Plague of Diagrams. ICA. August 23rd 2015.

‘Haptic Experience:Deleuze,Tintoretto and the overpowering of the visual’. The Senses and Visual Culture. Department of Art History. University of Bristol. 8-9th June 2015

‘Diagrams and Play. From Schiller to Deleuze, via Beethoven’. Unit of Play, Department of Sociology, University of Goldsmiths. 4th March 2015

‘The Diagrammatic Genesis of Thought Through Art’s Playful Variation. Beethoven, Deleuze, Schiller’. The Orpheus Institute, Ghent. 16-17th December 2014Abstracts

‘Stratigraphic Time: El Greco-Soutine-Deleuze”. Art Out of Time. Oxford University. 26-27th June 2014

‘Two Regimes of Fact’ Matters of Fact. Convened by Professor Aron Vinegar Annual Art Historian’s Conference, Royal College of Art, London. 10-12th April 2014

‘Diagrammatic Art’. Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts, Trondheim, Norway. 6th November  2013

‘Tintoretto’s Stage-Method: Preparation as Diagram” Work in Progress. Bringing Art into Being in the Early Modern Period. Courtauld Institute of Arts, London. 26th October 2013

From the Speculative to the Constructive: Peirce and Deleuze on Diagrammatics’. Speculative Art Histories.  Centre for Art and Philosophy, Erasmus University, Rotterdam. 8th  May 2013

‘Beyond the Trace: Art’s Time’ The Royal College of Art, London. 4th February 2013

‘Reconstructing Art History: Diagrammatics, Genealogy, Tintoretto’. The Royal College of Art, London. 17th February 2010

‘Tintoretto’s Figures’  Centre for Research in Modern and European Philosophy, Middlesex University, London. 29th October 2009